Amateur Radio Frequencies for the Victoria area

South Vancouver Island has a vibrant amateur radio community, but keeping track of all the frequencies can be difficult. I've created the following charts to document some of the more common simplex, repeater and low-speed data frequencies for the region. If you notice any errors or omissions don't hesitate to contact me

I've created a Getting Started Guide to help new hams get going on the 2m band.

FM Voice Repeaters

There are a number of 2m and 70cm FM repeaters in the Victoria-area. In some cases repeaters are linked together to create large networks. Where known these linked repeaters are documented.
Output Input Tone Callsign Location Organization Notes
146.840 146.240 100 VE7VIC Mt. McDonald WARA linked to WARA network
145.290 144.690 167.9 VE7SER Mt. Douglas Saanich EP
146.980 146.380 103.5 VE7RYF Mt. McDonald CRD Main CRERCC Repeater. Linked to 444.9250
146.660 146.060 100 VA7VIC Saltspring Is. WARA linked to WARA network
146.660 146.060 107.2 N7QDY Port Angeles WARA linked to WARA network
147.320 147.920 88.5 VE7RSI Saltspring Is. SSIARC
145.430 144.830 100 VE7RYF Mt. Matheson CRD
147.120 147.720 100 VE7RBA Saanich VE7IA
146.680 146.080 141.3 VE7RNA Mt. Brenton CVARS Linked to island Trunk System
444.9250 449.9250 100 VE7RYF Survey Mountain CRD Linked to 146.980
443.950 448.950 123 VE7RTC Mt. McDonald WARA Linked to 6m
147.240 147.840 --- VE7RFR Victoria VE7DAT
146.760 146.160 100 W7FEL Port Angeles CCARC
443.825 448.825 100 VE7VOP Victoria VEMA Located at FH no. 1
444.450 449.450 100 VE7SLC Saanich Saanich EP
440.875 445.875 100 VE7RUV UVIC UVIC Exp Radio Ontop of UVIC ELW
145.130 144.530 114.8 VE7US Highlands CRD
145.130 144.530 100 WF7W Port Angeles ?
442.775 447.775 123 VA7CRT Langford Langford EP
443.025 448.025 100 VE7RYF Mt. Matheson CRD Co-located with 145.430
146.900 146.300 131.8 N7JN Orcus Island San Juan County ARC Linked to 443.45000
443.025 448.025 100 VE7RYF Pender Island CRD Also has C4FM mode

EOC and simplex frequencies

Most Municipal emergency organizations have an assigned simplex frequency where members of that organization can contact the EOC. Nets are often held Wednesday evenings between 18:30 and 19:30 to test member capabilities.

As of June, 2019 most EOC simplex frequencies require a 123Hz tone. Please program a 123Hz tone on transmit when calling any EOC.

EOC Callsign Frequency
Langford VE7LEP 146.415
Langford UHF VE7LEP 446.025
CRD (Jaun de Fuca) VA7JDF 146.430
CRD UHF VA7JDF 446.050
South Gulf Is. VA7SGI 146.430
South Gulf Is. UHF VA7SGI 446.050
Oak Bay VE7OEP 146.445
Oak Bay UHF VE7OEP 446.075
Sooke VA7SOK 146.460
Sooke UHF VA7SOK 446.100
Esquimalt VE7EEP 147.540
Esquimalt UHF VE7EEP 446.350
Victoria VE7VEP 146.475
Victoria UHF VE7VEP 446.125
Central/North Saanich VE7CSP/VE7NSP 147.420
Central/North Saanich UHF VE7CSP/VE7NSP 446.400
Sidney VE7SDP 147.420
Sidney UHF VE7SDP 446.400
Colwood VE7CWD 146.505
Colwood UHF VE7CWD 446.175
Int. Call Frequency   146.520
View Royal VE7VRO 146.535
View Royal UHF VE7VRO 446.200
Metchosin VE7MEP 146.550
Metchosin UHF VE7MEP 446.225
Saanich VE7SEP 146.565
Saanich UHF VE7SEP 446.250
Highlands VE7HEP 147.510
Highlands UHF VE7HEP 446.325
Saltspring VA7SSI 146.460
Saltspring UHF VA7SSI 446.350
EMBC VE7PEP 147.570
Intermunicipal Freq. 147.570
WARA VE7VCC 146.580

Low Speed Data Frequencies

Listed below are the 1200baud packet frequencies and digipeters for the Victoria area.
Frequency Callsign/SSID Station Type
145.690 VE7VIC-10 WL2K
145.690 VE7SEP-10 WL2K
145.690 VE7SLC-7 Packet digipeter
144.970 VE7RYF-8 Packet digipeter
145.690 VE7VIC-8 Packet digipeter
145.690 VE7VHA-7 Packet digipeter
440.125 VE7VPR-10 WL2K
440.125 VE7GAU-10 WL2K
440.125 VE7RYF-10 WL2K
145.05(+600) VE7TPV-8 TPARC Digipepeater
144.970 VE7SPR-10 WL2K
144.970 VE7WOD-8 Packet Digipepeater

DSTAR Repeaters

DSTAR or Digital Smart Technology for Amateur Radio is a technology developed by Icom which allows digital voice modulation and medium speed (128kbps) Ethernet connectivity.

DSTAR can be confusing to get started with check out my General information about the DSTAR System to learn more about programming your radio to work with this system.

Freq. Offset Callsign Location Repeater Type
1291.5 MHz -20 MHz VE7VIC A Mt. McDonald Digital Voice
442.0 MHz +5 MHz VE7VIC B Mt. McDonald Digital Voice
145.08 MHz -600 KHz VE7VIC C Mt. McDonald Digital Voice
444.850 +5 MHz VE7XNR B Saltspring Island "Freestar" Digital Voice
1261.75 MHz Simplex VE7VIC G Mt. McDonald Data w/ Internet Access
1251.75 MHz Simplex - Output on 1298.75 VE7VIC A Mt. McDonald Data

System Fusion Repeaters

System Fusion is a proprietary digital technology developed by Yaesu. System fusion is unique in that radios can automatically switch between digital and FM modes to support legacy radios as well as the latest features on the new digital gear. Thanks to extremely affordable repeater prices, System fusion repeaters have become common in the CRD area. Some common frequencies are noted below:

Freq. Offset Callsign Location Notes
146.980 -600KHz VE7RYF Mt McDonald Operated by CRERCC
444.550 +5MHz VE7RGP Saltspring Island (Bruce Peak) Operated by SSIARC
147.320 +600KHz VE7RSI Saltspring Island (Bruce Peak) Operated by SSIARC
147.240 +600 KHz VE7RFR Saanich
442.700 +5MHz VE7RFR Saanich
443.025 +5MHz VE7RYF Pender Island Operated by CRERCC
444.850 +5MHz VA7FE Mt McDonald Operated by CRERCC

DMR Repeaters

DMR is a commercial technology developed as an open protocol and recently adopted for amateur radio use. DMR is unique in that it uses a TDMA-based technology, allowing repeaters to operate two independent time slots, meaning a single frequency pair can support up to two conversations simultaneously. DMR also breaks the frequency up into talk groups, allowing a user to monitor only a specific talk group for calls, if they don't want to listen to other conversations on the repeater.

Although there are currently no DMR repeaters in the CRD, there are several in the surrounding area which should be workable from a mountaintop site:

Freq. Offset Callsign Location Notes
443.950 +5MHz VE7VIC Mt McDonald PiStar repeater on Brandmiester network
144.950 +600KHz VE7VIC Triangle Mountain Standalone Motorola repeater. Color Code 7
443.400 +5MHz VE7RAG Mt Seymore (Vancouver) Workable from an HT from high sites
444.600 +5Mhz VE7NWR New Westminster Limited coverage
444.925 +5MHz AF7PR Bellingham ON AIR as of June 2017. Some coverage into CRD area.
444.400 +5MHz AF7PR Haystack Mountain (Everett) Should have coverage into parts of CRD