DN42 Peering Details

I've been a participant in the DN42 for a couple of years now. DN42 is basically a large dynamic VPN designed to simulate the commercial Internet. Similar to how you would connect to the Internet, with DN42 you need to find someone to peer with and then work with them to announce your IP space to the greater network. Just like with the commercial Internet you can have multiple peers to increase your redundancy to the network. Peering is generally done over GRE/IPSec or OpenVPN tunnels and BGP is used to announce your prefixes.

I have a VPS server in Seattle which runs Mikrotik RouterOS that I have been using to peer with other DN42 participants and am happy to connect with anyone interested in the network. I can peer using GRE/IPSec or OpenVPN (TCP, client/server only).

You will need the following information to peer with me:

  • Public IP
  • DN42 ASN 4242420143
  • IPSec Public Key
  • -----BEGIN PUBLIC KEY-----
    -----END PUBLIC KEY-----
  • Hash sha256
  • DH Group modp1024
  • Auth. Algorithm md5
  • Encr. Algorithm AES128

  • Open VPN Details

  • Server IP
  • Protocol TCP
  • Mode Client
  • Authentication sha1
  • Cipher AES128