Christopher's Website

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My name is Christopher Munz-Michielin and I am an amateur radio operator and a regular vlogger on the popular website YouTube. I have created this site in a effort to provide some information about what ham radio is and how it is used in communities around the world. Also on this website is up-to-the-hour data from my home weather station and my roof mounted webcam. I will do my best to update this site with information on all my latest projects.

In addition to my involvement in the Victoria ham radio community and YouTube activities I am an avid FTAer. I currently have a 90cm motorized dish as well as several fixed dishes which I use to watch unencrypted TV channels and feeds from around the world. I am constantly trying to promote information about the real hobby of FTA and how it is a great way to see what is happening in our world from a variety of perspectives. I hope you find this site to be informative and useful and I encourage you to contact me via email or though my YouTube account.

A bit about me

I am an electronics technologist currently based out of Nanaimo and Victoria BC and am currently employed at a robotics firm in Nanaimo. I have been a licensed ham radio operator since 2007 and have callsigns VE7ALB and VA7OL. I am the current president of Victoria's most popular amateur radio club, WARA or the West coast Amateur Radio Association. I run the club's swap and shop every Monday evening after the local radio net on the Victoria-area repeater frequency of 146.84MHz. I have always been involved in quite a wide variety of different activities so it made sense to design and host this website to try and bring some of these activities together. I am always supportive of people wanting to learn about FTA or ham radio and enjoy helping people, and have set up an email account specifically for this purpose.

In addition to my involvement in Victoria's amateur radio community I am a competent server administrator experienced with the configuration, installation and deployment of both Windows and Linux systems. I love networking, have a Cisco CCNA certification and administrate a world-wide site-to-site VPN network which spans three contents and half a dozen cities. I also run a VPS hosting business on the side to help subsidize the cost of renting servers around the world and to help keep my VMWare administration skills sharp. If you are interested in renting a VPS in our Dallas, Texas cluster please contact me. Feel free to browse this website and check out the links to other sites that I have found to be extremely useful.